Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a problem to send Hang Gliders by cargo to Mexico?

A: Yes! Mexico has a strict custom policy you should carry your Hang Glider as baggage, document your Hang Glider as personal baggage soporting equipment. If you are not able to travel with your Hang Glider you should send it as your personal baggage any way. Sending gliders as cargo is not good idea because represent higher costs, lots of paperwork and time. An export agent will be necessary. You have to send your gear with a temporary import permit according to mexican laws, you should contract export agent in your own country. The gear must arrive in Mexico with more than 20 days in advance, so we do not reccomend this way.

Q: Will there be retrieve?

A: The organizer will not provide retrieve service, each country must organize his own retrieve. Organizer will provide a experienced drivers list if needed

Q: Will there be pick up from International Airports.

A: The organizer will not provide pick up service from International airports, only by team request. Each country must organize his own transportation to Valle de Bravo.

Q: Will paragliders and Hang Glider free flyiers prohibited to fly during the Hang Gliding Worlds?

A: Yes, paragliders could fly after the competition window will close



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