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We live in a fast-paced world that is founded upon increasingly sophisticated and powerful technology, and yet that leaves many people feeling stressed and disconnected from who they really are. If that sounds like you, there are two things that can really make a difference to how you feel: sports and exercise and getting closer to nature. Both of these things can help us to escape the mundane, everyday world and find something a lot more rewarding, and their positive effects can be even more pronounced when these two things are combined. Here, then, are three sports that will bring you closer to nature and leave you feeling great.

1. Hang Gliding

When you were a child, did you look up at the sky and wish that you could be one of the birds flying gracefully through it? The good news is that as an adult you can do exactly as that by taking up the most exhilarating and liberating sport of them all: hang gliding. It’s a lot easier to learn than you might imagine, and once experienced, the feeling of gliding freely through the air will never be forgotten. Gliding is not only a brilliant participation sport, and an excellent way to keep fit, it’s also a professional sport, and spectators come from across the world to watch the World Hang Gliding Championships in Mexico.

2. Kayaking

Being by a source of water fulfills a primal instinct in us, and somehow there’s something incredibly relaxing about the sound and sight of running water. If you’re one of those people who are never happier than by a stream, river or lake, then kayaking could be your perfect sport. There are kayaks to suit all budgets, and by selecting one of the top kayak brands from Dreamguides, you’ll be sure of getting a kayak that is of the very highest quality. There are kayak and canoe schools across the United States, and it’s a sport that all the family can enjoy; as well as improving confidence in and around water, it’s also a great way to build up your arm muscles.

3. Hot Air Ballooning

Hang gliding sets the heart and pulse racing as you follow the age-old dream of flying through the air, but if you want a more serene air bound sporting experience, then hot air ballooning should tick all the right boxes. Whether you choose a hot air balloon flight as a one off experience, participate regularly, or even take hot air balloon pilot training, it’s sure to be an experience that you’ll want to tell all your friends about. Seeing the world from the vantage of a hot air balloon gives you a completely new perspective on life, in more ways than one.

Hang gliding, kayaking and canoeing, and hot air ballooning are all sporting experiences that make your heart and soul soar, and they can be easier to get into than you might think. One other thing they all share in common is that they all allow you to get closer to nature at the same time as participating in your chosen sport, and this golden combination can bring positive results for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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